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RohantheBarbarian's News

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - August 20th, 2012

New aura to go with the shiny whistle and the winged tank. Pity Cash4Gold don't do exchanges for images...

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - September 23rd, 2010

I just thought I'd set this blog up to keep all info regarding genre modding in one place. Questions/suggestions are appreciated :)

Q: What does a Genre Mod do?
A: Genre Mods are tasked with finding flashes which are uncategorised/have no search tags, and to then assign them a suitable category and give them suitable search tags.

Q: Search tags?
A: These are essentially keywords which make a flash easier to find if someone uses the Flash Portal search function. For example, if you were to search for "Mario", it would bring up a list of results containing all the flashes which have "mario" as a tag.

Q: Ok...why is this important?
A: Similar to the new icon system, the way flashes are categorised on NG will be overhauled as part of the next site redesign. So in anticipation of this, the Genre Mod team are hoping to make the transition as smooth as possible by sorting and tagging as many flashes as possible before the redesign.

Q: Sounds good, how do I help?
A: If you would like to join the team, send an email to tom@newgrounds.com. Tom will then let you know when/if you now have the power to edit genres/tags on flashes.

Q: HELP! I can't figure out how to edit submissions!
A: See the pic below.

Q: Anything else I should know?
A: Not really. If you have a question, feel free to ask me in this blog, or PM any other genre mod. In addition, here is a list of handy links:

Genre Mod Crew
Newgrounds Wiki - Tagging by Bahamut
List of submissions needing genres by popularity - must be signed in on a mod account to view

Happy modding!

Genre Mod FAQ

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - July 24th, 2010

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - July 12th, 2010

Goodbye to the teen years, and hello to the 20's!

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - November 7th, 2009

Been pretty inactive lately, hopefully I'll be back to a decent extent around the summer.

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - August 9th, 2009

Finally got my lazy ass round to writing this up, it was over a week ago now but whatever.

After last year's awesome concert with Sweet Savage and Tenacious D supporting them, when I heard that Metallica were coming back to Marlay Park less than a year after last time, there was no way that I was missing it. Overall, it was better than last year, but I had a few misgivings about it.

My first disappointment came the night before my friends and I left for Dublin: a lot of bands who I had hoped to see ended up pulling out, particularly Lamb of God and Thin Lizzy. The final line-up was Glyder, Mastodon, Alice in Chains, Avenged Sevenfold and of course Metallica themselves.

All in all, the support bands were good enough, even Avenged Sevenfold were quite good considering I don't particularly like them, the main problems were that the sound engineer was a retard who couldn't tell that the bass was so loud you could hear nothing else and that with the exception of Avenged Sevenfold (who called some random kid up from the crows to sing "Walk") none of the bands really tried to get the crowd going. This meant that after about 6 hours of watching bands perform the crowd was tired, and the atmosphere was nothing like the electric one of last year, other than the guys in front and centre the crowd were like fucking zombies...

...Which was a pity because Metallica were fucking unbelieveable, and the shitty crowd wasn't their fault. Now last year as buzzed and hyped as we were, we did notice they made a few mistakes, missing notes during solos etc. This year was by far the best performance musically I have ever seen from them, and probably the best I will ever see from them in future, they were simply on fire. They opened with Blackened, which took us all by surprise considering it's a bitch of a song to play, especially if you haven't warmed up with some easier songs first. They were so good that about halfway into their set a miracle happened; the crowd got their second wind, which cheered the lads and I up no end. Start to finish, it was musical perfection.

Anyway, we had a blast in spite of a poor atmosphere for most of the gig, and Metallica were just that good that I have to rate it better than last year. The length of the day and the lack of effort in generating atmosphere and suspense killed it a bit, but fortunately we got past that. If I could take the scintillating performance of 2009 and couple it with the electric atmosphere of 2008, I could never go to another concert again and be a happy man.

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - July 27th, 2009

Discussion and Voting.

I'm hosting it this year, here's hoping all goes well. Leave a comment if you have any problems/queries/suggestions.

EDIT: I'II be gone for a day or two, should be back Sunday, PM Bahamut if you have any problems in the meantime.

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - July 12th, 2009

EDIT: Ban removed, I'm back in action!

Currently banned so I can't even post in my own birthday thread, but who fucking cares, it's my birthday!

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - April 2nd, 2009

Can't think of anything worthwhile to say at the moment. So that this wasn't a total waste of your time, watch these.

Posted by RohantheBarbarian - April 1st, 2009

I have served our beloved Newgrounds for some time now, so if it pleases, may I have my posting privileges returned to me now? What, no? Ok then, I'll just return to glorifying and praising our masters' most benevolent regime then.