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Forgive Me Forgive Me

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Impressive for a first animation

Graphics - 7/10 - I felt the characters and backgrounds were quite nicely drawn with a sort of "coolness" to the colour scheme, which suited the animation nicely. My biggest gripe with the graphical side of things was that when things were moving, it looked a little choppy. That could probably be ironed out with practice, so good job overall.

Content - 7/10 - It's always a sign of good storytelling (be it simple or complex) when the viewer understands exactly what is going on without a word of dialogue spoken. Great work here, however one small problem is that the animation loops itself without playing the music, so you might want to add a stop command on the final frame.

Sound - 7/10 - Already mentioned there not being dialogue, however in this case it wasn't really needed. The music was appropriate, not much else to say.

Overall - 7/10 - For a first attempt at an animation this was most impressive. You definitely deserve a good grade for this :P Good luck with improving your animations skills, and I hope to see more work from you in the future.

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Kounno responds:

Thank you I had such a short period of time to make this and I change my project four times then found myself with to little time to really do some grand story line and try to lip sink everything (something I have never done before)

working in illustrator I find myself making characters that make tweening challenging and tweening becomes impossible with some so I end up having to recreate the character entirely for the next frame

I did a wolf animation before this but it was only a walk cycle not really a full animation

Dick Neck: Origins Dick Neck: Origins

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's been a while coming...

... and I'm delighted to see that after a long wait, it didn't disappoint.

Graphics - 9/10 - Graphically this flash was excellent, it both stayed true to the Dick Neck comic page you originally created, but at the same time it was improved upon much, much more. The animation was perfectly smooth, so no complaints there. I was a little disappointed at the lack of colour in some parts, particularly with regard to the characters in the school scene, but it was nonetheless excellent.

Content - 10/10 - What can I say? The humour was fantastic, I laughed hard on several occasions throughout, it really captures the essence of what the whole Dick Neck debacle was about (other than a guy with a massive neck). The post-credits scene was quite interesting as well, is a sequel in the works?

Sound - 10/10 - Audio was very well implemented, I felt that the voice acting on the whole, particularly the narration, was excellent, and the music was very appropriate when used (during the blowjob scene I couldn't control my laughter).

Overall - 10/10 - I know a lot of work went into this, and it really does show. Biased as I may be having been "there" when it all happened, I loved this flash, 10/10, 5/5, and added to favourites. Great work.


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Phobotech responds:

First incredibly helpful review it's received!

Graphics- In regards to the black & white color scheme in the flashback, I did that to contrast with present time vs. the past. Although, admittedly, it could've worked just as well with colors all throughout, it's just a preference. In comics that I drew, even in a young age, I neglected to use color...again, I admit, it's a bad habit I need to break, unless the mood sets for it.

Content- Yes, but not between "Origins" and (Sequel) I'm going to try to diversify my work a little bit more.

Sound- Hey, it worked! :D

Overall- Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.

I really appreciate the detailed review; You Rock, Rohan!

The Pretenders The Pretenders

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of your very best!

Long wait for the flash to load, this was one of my favourite flashes that you guys have done.

Graphics - 9/10 - Overall the video was pretty well done graphically, I did have one or two minor gripes. Firstly, at times it was a bit too dark to see clearly what was going on, although for atmospheric effect I can understand this to a degree. Secondly the video quality wasn't fantastic, but I do know that when converting from video to flash you lose a lot of that, so I won't hold it against you.

Content - 10/10 - I laughed my ass off on occasion, this was one of your funniest pieces. Particular highlights were the "lack of pattern" on the map, the "hand-guns" and the scolding you got from his brother. Good stuff all round.

Sound - 10/10 - In terms of audio I felt that this was one of, if not the best you have done together. The narrative was clear and excellently done, and the music was well implemented.

Overall - 10/10 - Fantastic job overall, keep at it.


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Fro responds:

Thanks a lot!

We might be getting a new camera sometime this summer. If we do the lighting and quality will be much better than what you've seen so far.

I'm happy it made you laugh.

Snow Wars Introduction Snow Wars Introduction

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I watched, reviewed and loved Hay Wars when it was first released, so I was really looking forward to watching this.

Graphics - 8/10 - The graphics done in Flash were quite good, my only gripe however was that the video was a bit pixellated, and at times with the sun shining over your shoulder it became difficult to see what was going on. However, I know converting video to flash can screw up the quality, so it's not really your fault.

Content - 10/10 - The dialogue and humour was corny as hell, but that's what I've come to expect (and enjoy ;P) from your work. Excellent stuff as always.

Sound - 9/10 - The music was fine (metal intro was awesome). Only small flaw was the voices, but I know you've worked hard to improve it as much as possible so it's not so much a criticism as an observation.

Overall - 9/10 - Loved this movie guys, keep up the good work and I look forward to viewing future installments.


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Fro responds:

Thanks for the brilliant review.

If you want to see the good/high quality version of the submission then check out the link that is in the author comments.

So are my jokes Corny as hell... or are they Corky? Perhaps that explains why my aliases on newgrounds is Corky. :P

No their Corny.. I know..

Santa Went Crazy, Night Santa Went Crazy, Night

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the best first submissions I've ever seen!

Seriously dude, from your first flash it is obvious that you've got a hell of a lot of talent.

Graphics - 8/10 - Graphics were very good, a bit crude at times, particularly the lip-synching, but with time and practice I'm sure you'll be able to improve.

Content - 9/10 - The bones of the flash was excellent. It tied in very well with the background, and was genuinely both funny and interesting. Good job.

Sound - 10/10 - The music was perfectly implemented into the flash, and of course being Weird Al it was excellent :)

Overall - 9/10 - Few animators have impressed me with their first piece of work quite like you have. Pat yourself on the back, you've got real talent and if you keep working hard at it you have the potential to be a great flash artist. I'm recommending this for the music videos section, no question.


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Chris &amp;amp; Harry Chris & Harry

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I loved this flash, I've been a fan of yours since A Random Day, and you've delivered once again.

Graphics - 10/10 - The animation was by far the best of yours that I've seen. In terms of colour, depth and detail it was pretty much flawless.

Content - 9/10 - The fight scenes were excellent, fast-paced and exciting. The only minor flaw I could find was that they dragged on a small bit, however the ending more than made up for it. I liked the easter eggs as well.

Sound - 10/10 - The sound was perfectly done, and I liked the contrast between the opening tune and the more dramatic one which ensued (althoughI'm sure I heard that music before- was it in A Random Day 4?) Anyway, well done.

Overall - 10/10 - You are by far one of the most talented flash artists on this site, and a personal favourite of mine. Keep up the good work, you're doing us Irish guys proud!

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Oney responds:

yeah i used that burly brawl music in ard4, at the circle boy scene. glad you liked it :P

Corky52's Birthday Collab Corky52's Birthday Collab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the best birthday submissions I've seen!

Great job on this guys, it was a damn good flash.

Graphics - 9/10 - Graphics were pretty damn good, no real complaints here, other than that one cutout of Corey's head was a bit rough. One thing though, wtf was up with Weegee randomly appearing in yoshi's section? Preloader was excellent too.

Content - 10/10 - I laughed my ass of at yoshi's section, the pacman theme worked well. Both that and MinusNick's captured his statwhore spirit quite well :P. And a birthday collab isn't complete without a "Happy Birthday" section.

Sound - 9/10 - The sound was fine, the music for yoshi's section in particular suited it well.

Overall - 9/10 - As birthday flashes go, this was fantastic. Maybe next year you can go one better!


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Cancer. Cancer.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Quite a moving flash, it really hits home, especially for people who know of have known people with cancer.

Graphics - 10/10 - Animation was incredible, not a single fault that aI could find with it.

Content - 10/10 - The message was poignant and well-presented, and it was driven home powerfully. Stunning.

Sound - 9/10 - Music was obviously appropriate for the subject matter. Only lost a mark because it was My Chemical Romance (sorry, I hate them and so I'm biased). Other than that, well done.

Overall - 10/10 - This was an incredibly moving flash, probably the most moving I have ever seen. If you don't get front page, or at least an award of some kind, it will be a travesty. Amazing work.

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Tribute to Tribute Tribute to Tribute

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Loved it!

I adored this flash, amazing job!

Graphics - 9/10 - The animation was smooth, and I liked the JB and KG clocks. Only issue was the black background, maybe a less plain one would have been better.

Content - 8/10 - While I Iiked the idea, not enough happened for my liking. Especially with the solo at the end, you could have made the demon spawn a guitar like in the actual video. Other than the lack of action, no complaints.

Sound - 10/10 - It's Tenacious D. Enough said.

Overall - 9/10 - Congrats on this stunning flash, and I look forward to your Clock Day submission!

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Beneath the Sheets Beneath the Sheets

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great work again, a hilarious step-up from Hay Wars.

Graphics - 9/10 - Pretty good, although the video quality was a bit poor at times. But that ghost was super-realistic! :P

Content - 10/10 - I laughed my ass off, particularly at the ending. Great job (and i'm sorry to hear you were killed by those homicidal girl scouts) ;)

Sound - 10/10 - The voice quality was better than Hay Wars, so the voices were much clearer.

Overall - 10/10 - Great jobs guys, looking forward to the next one!

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Fro responds:

Yeah, the video was worse then the last one, but it actually wasn't too bad because most of the video was dark and you couldn't tell. The sound was a lot better too because we were right next to the camera when talking this time. I'm happy you thought it was funny and thanks for the review.